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"It’s so hard to be a saint in the city…"
Bruce Springsteen


Trying to make it in New York City is hard. Trying to make it as an ARTIST in New York City is insane…but bring on the crazy! Some lyrics ring true for generations. If you can make it here, you CAN make it anywhere, and we’re ready to help.

The top performers in the world are bolstered by equipment, talent and facilities that are second to none. Little Cheddar provides artists fighting to be their best with access to the finest equipment available. We work tirelessly to give our clients the support that will allow their performances to shine with the same luster as the world’s best recordings. We put reputation over revenue and look forward to working within your budget to create the best possible product.

A Cocoon of Creativity, NOT a Laboratory.

Through the years recording studios have evolved more and more from sterile “looking glass” tech labs into environments that let artists forget about the pressures of getting that perfect take into simply letting it happen naturally. This is a comfortable cozy space that welcomes folks with an atmosphere that focuses on creation and collaboration versus counting seconds.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home for creation and to make your dreams a reality.

Keeping it real…

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Analog - Lots of attitude, soft focused and a little rough around the edges. Enjoys the limitations of his cage. A veteran scrapper and true survivor!
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Digital - Never sheds. Never needs to be fed. No need for a litter box. Always on Cat-Nip. Sometimes hard to snuggle with.
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Little Cheddar Studios - Combining the best of Analog and Digital. Pristine and sitting pretty, purrs warmly and snuggles cozily in your lap!
As technologies have evolved, access to music creation has skyrocketed with more and more artists cutting tracks isolated in bedrooms. Human elements are diminishing, and music is becoming segregated into narrower and narrower categories. Robotic precision, canned software solutions, digital editing and flash over function. Less and less conversation and collaboration with individuals promoting relentlessly through the digital echo chamber of social media. People are clicking but are they really listening?
This is a home for dynamics and collaboration, for the spaces in between the sounds. A nest for nuance and the silent language of live performance.
We welcome all kinds of music and artists but seek to add unique human elements to all recordings and projects. If you’ve been working alone here is a great place to get support to elevate your art to the next level.

So, you’re a beat maker who uses sampled drums? Why not record one of a kind drum sounds that utilize the greatest steam bent drums in the world? Sure, we can use click tracks but, why not work on developing beautiful live recordings that breathe with the artist's intensity? Sure, we can autotune but is there ever anything better than capturing a magical performance? Maybe you just want a chance to mix in a sound treated control room with Genelec monitors and/or surgically accurate headphones and amps?

We want each artist’s vision to be unique and organic. Let’s let originality shine through and make art covered in distinct human fingerprints.

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