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"If you had a sign above every studio door saying, 'This Studio is a Musical Instrument,' it would make such a different approach to recording."
Brian Eno

The Studio

Little Cheddar Studios is a time machine. Decades of pop culture design and style intertwine with modern conveniences. Here you can touch the memories of the past while building your future. A stunning collection of instruments, consoles, microphones and technology provide artists with classic vintage gear as well as the latest and greatest tools.  We have a collection of classic analog consoles from Neve, API, Universal Audio and Raindirk working in tandem to provide enough channels to record, re-amp or do just about anything you can imagine with incredible performance and flexibility.
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The Rooms

Live Room

Our live room hosts both a Bonham worthy Craviotto steam bent drum kit as well as a gorgeous 1970 vintage Ludwig set. The world's best microphones are everywhere here ready to capture dueling drums, a live band performances, string, horn and vocal ensembles and just about anything else you can imagine. 

We have done our utmost to create an inviting and comfortable space to make you feel at home and  inspire you to create and perform at your absolute best.

Piano Room

This cozy room provides players with a vintage upright as well as a pristine 1966 Wurlitzer 140B. An ideal spot for an intimate acoustic guitar performance, gorgeous vocal takes or small ensemble recordings.

Control Room

We are a producer's dream.

Our control room hosts the groundbreaking new Mac Pro tower, a Moog One 16, stellar microphones, a Manley mastering suite, and a collection of consoles and DI gear that are exceptional. Armed with Genelec monitors and a host of reference grade headphone amplifiers, this is an ideal space to mix, track and master. We also have one of the world's best collections of analog and tube effects pedals and an awesome reamping system.

And, rest assured if you don't see it in the studio, we have the digital tools "in the box"…

The Soul Kitchen

When renovating Little Cheddar into a full-time studio, the kitchen at first seemed an area to put on the back burner (pun intended) In reality, kitchens are communities in the hearts of homes where people come to create meals that feed the body and delight the spirit.

When you’re in NYC you’ve got the make every inch count and we’ve turned our kitchen into a great environment that is part of the process. Inspired by Syd Barret’s mirrored Esquire, here you can jam while basking in atmospheric lighting while enjoying some of the best food and coffee in New York.

A CLEAN Bathroom!

Having played in countless NYC venues, many clubs, studios and rehearsal spaces have bathrooms from an apocalyptic future where the toilet tyrants "can't spare a square."  

We provide artists with a pristine an inviting washroom to freshen up between takes and record in comfort.

Additional Services

Reamping, Remixing, Rethinking, Remaking

While we certainly are passionate about the "old school" approach to capturing the most authentic nondigitally doctored performances, we understand that more musicians are making more recordings than ever before. 

We are happy to cater to the bedroom producer who has NOT had access to the type of gear and facilities that we have.  Record a REAL drummer on a REAL kit over your track to breathe life and feel into your work.  Take those dry guitar or keyboard parts and  re-amp them through an incredible selection of amps, consoles, pedals and analog effects. 

We are happy to turn something good into something unforgettable.

The Studio in a Suitcase

Little Cheddar is big for New York City. We have great ceilings and acoustic treatment and sound like a natural clean space that is very pleasant. That said some venues and environments can provide one of a kind acoustic reverberation or creative atmospheres that should not be missed.

We worked to develop gear that could serve double duty for in house recording as well as provide portable recording solutions. If we or an artist has access to a truly unique location or environment, we have the flexibility to work remotely in order to capture it.

We have worked very hard to create an environment that artists will never want to leave. That said, it’s great to go on vacation!

Masters of the Universe

Another great use for modern communications in production is the ability to send mixes from anywhere to a studio for top tier mastering that will give your recording the glue and glitter that will have it sounding like a polished high-end product.

We are passionate about mastering and have several dedicated mastering chains by Manley, API, Neve and Raindirk. This will not be robotic mastering designed to just “make things louder” but a concentrated effort to add that critical final touch to your masterpiece.

We believe the children are our future…

After years in the world of education and parenting, we know how precious music can be for developing minds and hearts. Little Cheddar has been a home for many “teacher bands” and is an outstanding education space where students can take lessons, learn production and create that first professional recording. After all, where would the world be without Rebecca Black’s "Friday"?

Advertising, Media, and Marketing

With years of experience in media, advertising, marketing, research, and sales, we know how to get results. We know how to deliver creative content to the right audience in the right medium to maximize impact and performance. Let us help you develop your creative vision and arm you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

And besides, don’t you deserve your own jingle?

Are you one of the POD-PEOPLE???

We’ve been “Ga Ga” over radio our whole lives. From music to talk to shock jocks and docs we love it. Little Cheddar is an amazing location to host and record your podcast and we look forward to developing an Internet based channel and loads of great programs.

INTERNET killed the Video Star…

We are constantly being bombarded for a sliver of our attention. We used to be obsessed with a few soap operas, now our entire daily lives are filled with endless stories and live streams from thousands of people we’ve probably never met. We believe if you’re going to bother asking someone to give you a few seconds of their time, you better make that time count.

Little Cheddar will be a full featured video equipped media studio that will allow artists to efficiently make envy worthy digital age content to build social currency while crafting their masterpiece that deserves a LOT of attention.

The Cheddar Network

Some of the greatest music was created by truly magical groups of session musicians playing in key cities like The Wrecking Crew in LA and The Funk Brothers in Detroit- immortal talent that made songs shine.

We envision developing a network of musicians, artists, filmmakers, producers and more to collaborate on projects and sessions. With satellite studios and producers in key areas, collaborators can have access to an ideal fiddle player in Nashville, a power trio in NYC and a horn section in Los Angeles. It's great to be under one roof but when you can’t be next to folks physically, we can now use technology to integrate them into the process.

We look forward to collaborating with artists all over the world to create an interactive network where we can support one another on a path to greatness.

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